Monday, September 20, 2010

One More Week Until Break :)

Homework for September 20-24th, 2010

Monday Tuesday
1. Reading log 20 minutes 1. Reading log 20 minutes
2. Spelling 3x each in cursive 2. Spelling Menu (your choice)
3. Work on POW 3. Work on POW + Math worksheet
4. Set weekly goal

Wednesday Thursday
1. Reading log 20 minutes 1. Reading Log 20 minutes (NO OTHER HOMEWORK...
2. Spelling menu (your choice) SEE YOU AT EMPIRE FOR MUSIC PERFORMANCE)
3. Work on POW
4. Non-Fiction reading passage

Jerry had $25.00. He goes into a music store to purchase a tape for $7.75 and a CD for $11.95. His tax will be $1.52. Estimate how much change he will receive.

Spelling Words
1. American 2. frozen 3. button 4. chapter 5. tractor 6. golden 7. taken 8. harbor 9. father 10. color 11. ancestor 12. hidden 13. hamburger 14. theater 15. weather 16. beckon 17. cannon 18. comparison 19. elder 20. turban

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Information for September 13th

Spelling Words:
1. charged 11. lying
2. spied 12. dying
3. moving 13. realized
4. trying 14. provided
5. practicing 15. fried
6. injured 16. created
7. carrying 17. tallied
8. tasted 18. carried
9. receiving 19. revising
10. becoming 20. wearing

Monday- Write spelling words 3x each in cursive, work on P.O.W., set weekly goal, read for 20 minutes

Tuesday- Spelling sentences, work on P.O.W and math worksheet, read for 20 minutes

Wednesday- ABC order with spelling, work on P.O.W., write a paragraph about your favorite holiday, read for 20 minutes

Thursday- Study spelling words, complete P.O.W., reflect on weekly goal, read for 20 minutes.

Friday- None

Predict the probability of the following: Rolling a six on a die. Rolling a four on four dice. Rolling all sixes on four dice.Rolling all twos on four dice. Rolling a four on two dice.
Compare the outcome. Perform the experiment a minimum of 10 times. Record your data. Were your predictions correct? Explain.*** Please let me know if you do not have 4 dices at home***

Friday, September 3, 2010

Short Week- September 7th

Happy Labor Day!

I hope everyone enjoys their 3 day weekend. Mrs. DeBono has great plans that include lots of sleep and pleasure reading! Hence why, it's Friday night and the blog is being updated for next week already.

Please note that this upcoming short week is Benchmark 1 testing. Students, it's time to SHOW WHAT YOU KNOW!! Please keep in mind that early bedtimes, healthy breakfasts and positive encouragement are great test-taking strategies for success. I cannot wait to see the growth of the students in just these few first weeks of school.

Because of testing, our curriculum is not regularly what you see during the week. Below is our testing week homework. There are no spelling words or a P.O.W. this week.

Tuesday- Complete the 10 question reading review packet. Read for 20 minutes.
Wednesday- Complete the 10 question math review packet. Read for 20 minutes.
Thursday- Creative writing assignment and cursive practice. Read for 20 minutes.
Friday- None