Saturday, August 27, 2011

End of August/Beginning of September

Good evening everyone!

Can you believe that August is already ending? Once again, time is escaping from me. The students had a great time working on designing their own products in a Biztown lesson this week, meeting their reading buddies and participating in student council elections. It sure was a good week.

Below is the curriculum information for this coming week. Remember that this Wednesday is another half day with dismissal at 11:30. 1st Benchmark tests for this year are right around the corner and we will begin our review focus this week. Please continue to email me with questions, praises or concerns. I'm always happy to hear from you.

* No reading vocabulary this week (we will be reading various non-fiction magazine articles)

Weekly Homework:
Monday- 5 math problems, spelling 3x each, reading log
Tuesday- 5 math problems, spelling menu, reading log
Wednesday- 5 math problems, spelling sentences, reading log
Thursday- 5 math problems, study spelling, reading log
Friday- POW due, spelling test

Spelling Words (a list of previously tested words as well as commonly misspelled words)
1. there (location)
2. their (possessive)
3. they're (contraction)
4. friend
5. does
6. where
7. were
8. your
9. you're
10. together
11. favorite
12. ready
13. should
14. different
15. which
16. would
17. quiet
18. who's (contraction)
19. whose (possessive)
20. a lot

Problem of the Week (done for homework this week)
You and your friend go trick-or-treating around your neighborhood. When you get home, you both trip and accidently spill both of your candy bags into one pile. You decide to count the candy and together you had 100 pieces. There were 28 Snickers Bars, 10 pieces of Gum, 22 chocolate bars, 12 lollipops, 15 Twix bars and 13 peanut butter cups.

Create a graph to compare the types of candy you got. Name the type of graph you used and explain why you chose that one. Then describe the steps you took to create your graph.
What alternative graph could you use to display the information? Describe why this graph would also be appropriate.

Math Homework (done nightly in composition book)
1. 87 x 45,876
2. 34,765 / 15
3. 2,765 x 56
4. 76,342 / 25
5. 9,564 x 54
6. List all factors of the 14
7. List all factors of 24
8. List all factors of 80
9. List all factors of 50
10. List first 6 multiples of 75
11. List first 6 multiples of 28
12. List first 6 multiples of 42
13. Label prime or composite = 59
14. Label prime or composite = 21
15. Label prime or composite = 37
16. Label prime or composite = 41
17. Label prime or composite = 51
18. Label prime or composite = 61
19. Label prime or composite = 28
20. Label prime or composite = 101

Sunday, August 21, 2011

August 22nd-26th, 6th Week of School

Hello and happy Sunday. Don't forget to bring back your signed progress report on Monday. This week is a regular week with no early dismissals or extra activities. The student council assembly and election will take place on Friday afternoon.

Math Homework Problems:
Students will receive a worksheet on Monday with four graphs for the week. These graphs will be used to create questions for this week's math objective.

No Problem of the Week for homework this week. We will work on one in class this week.

Spelling Words:
1. pretty
2. service
3. thunder
4. blanket
5. effort
6. fellow
7. subject
8. perhaps
9. attack
10. entire
11. chimney
12. tunnel
13. effect
14. suspended
15. challenge
16. pretzel
17. survive
18. pillow
19. hunger
20. college

Reading Vocabulary "Little by Little"
1. Polio- a disease that led to sickness or death
2. decipher- to figure out, analyze
3. astonished- amazed, shocked
4. immobility- not able to move
5. dismay- saddened, gloom
6. despised- scorned, hated

Homework Schedule
Monday- Graph worksheet, Reading log, Spelling 3x each, work on Current event
Tuesday- Graph worksheet, Reading log, Spelling menu choice, work on Current event
Wednesday- Graph worksheet, Reading log, Spelling sentences, work on Current event
Thursday- Graph worksheet, Reading log, study spelling words, work on Current event
Friday- Author's position test, spelling test, graphing test, "Little by Little" test, current event due!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

5th Week of School! August 15th-19th

Hello! Don't forget this Wednesday is an early release day. School is dismissed at 11:35. Please be sure to arrange alternate transportation for your child if necessary. Have a good week!

This week's homework:
Monday- Reading log, spelling 3x each, math problems 1-5, work on POW.
Tuesday- Reading log, spelling menu, math problems 6-10, work on POW.
Wednesday- Reading log, spelling sentences, math problems 11-15, work on POW.
Thursday- Reading log, study spelling words, math graphs given in class, work on POW.

This week's math homework problems:
1. 4,764 x 87
2. 45,876/7
3. LCM of 12 and 24
4. LCM of 6 and 8
5. GCF of 16 and 24
6. GCF of 30 and 45
7. 29- Prime or Composite
8. 32- Prime or Composite
9. 51- Prime or Composite
10. 67- Prime or Composite
11-20) Please refer to the instructions on the graphs given to you in class on Wednesday.

This week's POW:
Miss Patti went shopping at Toys ‘R Us for water balloons for the students at Cottonwood. She purchased 34 packages of water balloons and each package had 72 balloons. Miss Patti is giving the balloons to her 24 students. How many balloons will each student receive? Will there be any left overs for Miss Patti to have herself?

This week's spelling words:
1. remove
2. interview
3. repeat
4. interrupt
5. respect
6. interfere
7. represent
8. relocate
9. international
10. review
11. interpret
12. interstate
13. remarkable
14. intermediate
15. intersection
16. recommend
17. interject
18. intervene
19. resource
20. remained

This week's reading vocabulary from "Satchmo's Blues."
1) pawnshop- a store where goods are sold
2) produce (n)- fruits and vegetables (v)- to make or generate
3) errands - an activity needing to be done
4) numerous- many, a lot
5) international- across many nations
6) gravelly- deep, harsh-like sound

Sunday, August 7, 2011

4 Weeks Already!

Hello families!

Happy some-what stormy Sunday! Below is information for this coming week of school. See you kids in the morning!

P.O.W. (This week's POW will be done in class. It is posted here for your reference).
Two frogs are hopping in the same direction one lily pad at a time. There are 18 lily pads. One frog jumped 3 lily pads at a time. The other frog jumped two lily pads at a time. If the frogs leave shore one after the other, how many lily pads will be jumped by both frogs?

Math Homework Problems
1. 7,564 x 54
2. 45,876/7
3. 24,765/10
4. List all factors of 81
5. Find the Least Common Multiple of 3 and 21
6. Find the Greatest Common Factor of 64 and 42
7. List all prime numbers between 75 and 100
8. List all factors of 72.
9. Find the LCM of 15, 25, and 30
10. Find the GCF of 48 and 81
11. List all composite numbers between 21 and 31
12. List all prime numbers between 40 and 50.
13. List all composite numbers between 40 and 50.
14. List all composite numbers between 45 and 60.
15. List all prime numbers below 25.
16. List all composite numbers below 25.
17. List all factors of 48.
18. List all prime numbers below 20.
19. List all composite numbers between 20 and 35.
20. List all prime numbers between 50 and 75.

Spelling Words
(Words are from last week, only those who got less than 80% will retake the test this Friday, check Renweb for your score)

Weekly Story Vocabulary Words
1. rigging (n) the arrangement of sails on a ship, the lookout buckets and posts on a ship
2. furl (v) to tuck in tight or roll up
3. settlement (n) a small village
4. vast (adj) wide, open space
5. beams (n) the wooden, horizontal beams on a ship, holding up the sails
6. lurked (v) to hide behind
7. huddled (v) to crowd close together

Tests this week
1) School wide screening on reading, math and writing- please be present in class in the afternoon on this day, make-ups are difficult
1) math formative on prime and composite numbers,
2) reading formative on using the appropriate reference sources
3) spelling retest for those who qualify
4) reading comprehension test on "Across the Wide Dark Sea"

Weekly Homework assignments
Monday- 5 math problems, reading log, work on current event
Tuesday- 5 math problems, reading log, work on current event
Wednesday- 5 math problems, reading log, work on current event
Thursday- 5 math problems, reading log, work on current event