Monday, February 21, 2011

Rodeo Week

Monday is a regular school day.

Tuesday is Benchmark Writing Assessment day. Wear your PJs and be comfy, cozy as we write our best!

Wednesday is Field Day from 10am-11:45am. Wear sunscreen and bring a water bottle and hat to wear.

No school on Thursday and Friday, happy Rodeo!

** No homework, current event, POW or spelling words this week **

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

- No homework on Monday! Spend time with your loved ones.
Tuesday- math worksheet, read for 20 minutes, spelling words 3x each
Wednesday- math worksheet, read for 20 minutes, work on final copy of figurative language piece
Thursday- math worksheet, read for 20 minutes, science comprehension
Friday- 1/2 day at school, read over the weekend

P.O.W. (No POW or current event due this week)

Spelling Words
1. discuss
2. deduct
3. dismissed
4. develop
5. disease
6. discount
7. disturb
8. details
9. demand
10. determined
11. depressed
12. defense
13. disappointing
14. discouraged
15. disadvantage
16. demonstrated
17. defeat
18. descent
19. disappear
20. disconnect

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday!!

Go Packers! Go Steelers! I hope everyone is enjoying the game! Mrs. DeBono is working through the game but I am catching some funny commercials :) Below is information for this short week. I will have progress reports available at the conferences so I'm looking forward to seeing all the adults at your assigned time. Have a great week.

Spelling words:
1. remove 2. interview 3. repeat 4. interrupt 5. respect 6. interfere 7. represent 8. relocate 9. international 10. review 11. interpret 12. interstate 13. remarkable 14. intermediate 15. intersection 16. recommend 17. interject 18. intervene 19. resource 20. remained (Spelling pattern is words with the prefixes re- and inter-)

(Students will need to draw the shape from the POW posted in the classroom. The actual word problems is listed below).
Matt is building a skating rink. He wants to build a wall around the entire space. What is the distance around the rink above? He also wants to cover the floor with tiles. How many square units will he need? (Remember to include a description of which measurement is area and which one is perimeter).

Monday Tuesday
1. Math worksheet 1. Math worksheet
2. Read 20 minutes 2. Read 20 minutes
3. Spelling 3x each 3. Spelling menu
4. Work on Current Event and POW 4. Work on Current Event and POW

Wednesday Thursday
1. Math worksheet 1. Math worksheet
2. Read 20 minutes 2. Read 20 minutes
3. Creative Writing "Show not Tell" 3. Science comprehension
4. Work on Current Event and POW 4. Study spelling, finish Current Event and POW

1. SuperBowl of Caring has been rescheduled for Monday after school. Come and help support a great community service project with our JOOI club.
2. Thursday and Friday are 1/2 days with dismissal at 11:35
3. Please be on time for your assigned conference