Sunday, December 11, 2011

Last School Week of 2011

Happy Last Week of School in 2011!

I'm looking forward to the many fun learning opportunities we have this week. Please feel free to stop by the room anytime!

- This week's homework is in packet format. It contains holiday spelling activities as well as math problems involving units of measure. Please turn in the homework packet on Friday morning.

We will be making gingerbread houses with our buddies this Wednesday from 9-10am. We are in charge of bringing graham crackers and frosting. Please send these items in on Wednesday.

Bloom's Ball Project:
The students will be working on their family culture project in class this week to transform it into a 3d bloom's ball. Students were to complete the graphic organizer as homework last week. Please send it to school completed this week. On Friday, students will share their Bloom's Balls as well as a treat from their tradition ( a food, a game, a craft, etc...). If you are sending in a treat, make sure there is enough for 30 students and please alert me if your treat involves nuts as we have allergies to many kinds.

Report Cards:
Report cards will go home on Friday.

Have a safe, wonderful and Merry Christmas! I look forward to seeing you in 2012!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December 5th News

Hello families,

Thank you for your patience while I was in New York. Mr. DeBono's sister graduated with a PhD in psychology and it was a nice opportunity to visit her. I even got a chance to run down to the Hudson river and take a picture for the students (we're studying Henry Hudson right now).

Reminders: science fair research was due Monday, student council donations are still be collected, holiday shop runs through this week!

Below is the homework/spelling for the week. Have a good one.

Monday: 3x each, reading log, math riddle and culture assignment
Tuesday: spelling menu, reading log, math riddle and culture assignment
Wednesday: spelling sentences, reading log, math riddle and culture assignment
Thursday: study spelling, reading log, math riddle and culture assignment

Spelling words:
1. treasure
2. capture
3. feature
4. pleasure
5. measure
6. creature
7. picture
8. adventure
9. mixture
10. structure
11. pasture
12. culture
13. literature
14. furniture
15. temperature
16. legislature
17. immature
18. leisure
19. premature
20. signature