Sunday, October 24, 2010

Red Ribbon Week- October 25th, 2010

Red Ribbon Week Activities!

Monday: Wear Red
Tuesday: Wear animal prints and have crazy hair!
Wednesday: Wear your favorite jersey
Thursday: Wear your U of A colors and sun shades
Friday: Wear your school colors and red bracelets!

Spelling List:
1. crises
2. knives
3. media
4. roofs
5. pianos
6. waves
7. wishes
8. armies
9. briefs
10. videos
11. heroes
12. data
13. bacteria
14. oxen
15. tomatoes
16. canoes
17. berries
18. loaves
19. lives
20. messages

Problem of the Week

In a small community, a neighborhood is tracking how much water they are using in a month. Looking at the table below, list the people in order from the least amount of water usage to the most.

Alex 75%
Dean 0.825
James 6/7
Jennifer 1/3
Cara 0.2
Kim 15%

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Welcome Back from Fall Break!

Good Evening 5th grade!

Welcome back from fall break. I hope you all had a restful three weeks. Our classroom has been rearranged and we are ready to get back to learning. Please don't forget the time we spend the next few days reviewing rules and procedures. They are important to me and I appreciate your willingness to learn them in a timely manner so class time isn't wasted.

Below you will find your weekly homework assignments. Remember, we are not using the composition book anymore. Papers for your assignments will be given to you in class and you are responsible for making sure they are in your binder, in your backpack, when you leave at the end of the day. It is also your responsibility to turn in your homework the next day. Homework is no longer due on Fridays (with the exception of the POW). Reading logs are done by the honesty policy. I will not be checking reading logs but will know if you are reading at home by your participation in AR.

I am excited to start the second quarter off on the right foot. I know that we are going to have a lot of fun preparing for our Biztown field trip, getting started on the Science Fair and working with fractions. I will see you all in the morning ready to learn and ACT. Sleep tight!

Homework for this week:
Monday- Write your spelling words 3x each, complete reading worksheet pgs. 37 and 38, complete your estimation worksheet, read for 20 minutes and study the NE states.

Tuesday- Complete spelling book pg. 36, complete math worksheet on changing fractions to decimals, read 20 minutes and study NE states.

Wednesday- Complete spelling book pg. 37, complete math worksheet on decimals, fractions and percents, read 20 minutes and study NE states.

Thursday- Study your spelling words, complete math worksheet, read for 20 minutes and study NE states.

Friday- Read for 20 minutes and spend time with your family!

Spelling words:
1. level 2. double 3. metal 4. evil 5. travel 6. couple 7. needle 8. battle 9. candle 10. article 11. equal 12. civil 13. capital 14. original 15. individual 16. material 17. angel 18. camel 19. illegal 20. stencil