Monday, November 28, 2011

Benchmark Week #2!


It's time to show what you know, 5th grade! This week begins our benchmark testing. Please be at school on time all week. Makeups are hard as you'll miss class the following week to make them up. Tuesday is our writing benchmark. Wednesday and Thursday are math and reading/multiple choice writing. I can't wait for our results to come in and for your successes to be shared.

Homework this week:
Monday- reading log and 3x each
Tuesday- spelling menu
Wednesday- spelling sentences
Thursday- study spelling words

Spelling words this week:
1. parts
2. history
3. warning
4. declare
5. despair
6. shirt
7. learning
8. backward
9. border
10. prepared
11. harsh
12. research
13. carnival
14. particular
15. squirrel
16. harmful
17. charms
18. disorder
19. favored
20. remark