Sunday, November 14, 2010

Biztown Week !!!!!

Dear families,

Are you excited as I am? The week is finally here for us to travel to Biztown! I cannot wait to see all of the students in their jobs working as adults in a community. I plan to take lots of pictures and email them when I can. As for our trip, please see the note that will go home on Monday. It is full of reminders about the where, when, what and how of the trip.

For the rest of the week, the chilly weather brings no new surprises or events. We have a typical academic week planned. In math, we finish our study of 2 step equations and begin numerical sequencing. We move from the world of economics in Social Studies to begin our study of the explorers of North America. We will review all body systems in preparation for our Benchmark exam in Science and in reading, we will discuss reasons why author's write the stories they do. It should be a pretty great week for learning.

Your homework for the week will include a math assignment and a POW, a spelling assignment, reading 20 minutes and to continue to finish your book report and work on your science fair project.

Your P.O.W. for the week is: Jennifer and her friends went to the fair. They spent a total of $64. Jennifer and her friends spent $32 dollars on food and drinks. Tickets were $4 a person. How may tickets did they buy? (Don't forget, write and solve the problem mathematically, draw a pictoral representation, and in complete sentences explain HOW and WHY you arrived at your answer.)

Your spelling words for the week are: 1. basketball 2. seventy-five 3. rock band 4. everybody 5. fireplace 6. anything 7. takeoff 8. skateboard 9. homework 10. two-thirds 11. high school 12. railroad 13. motorcycle 14. vice president 15. strawberry 16. freeway 17. car pool 18. comic strip 19. fine arts 20. forty-two (THIS WEEK'S WORDS ARE COMPOUND AND HYPHENATED WORDS- BE SURE YOU KNOW WHICH ONES ARE TWO SEPARATE WORDS)

I hope you all have a wonderful week.
Mrs. DeBono