Sunday, December 5, 2010

Weekly Update- December 7th

Spelling Words:
1. absent
2. servant
3. present
4. instant
5. accident
6. assistant
7. current
8. moment
9. resident
10. ignorant
11. pleasant
12. distant
13. innocent
14. intelligent
15. restaurant
16. patient
17. government
18. statement
19. migrant
20. participant

Problem of the Week:
Mrs. DeBono went Christmas shopping with her mom. She went to Old Navy and Target. Mrs. DeBono spent a total of $90. She some money on 5 gift cards at Target. She spent a total of $40 at Old Navy. Write a two-step equation to show how much money each gift card was at Target.

12/6- integers practice, read for 20 minutes, study for science benchmark, work on POW
12/7- integers practice, read for 20 minutes, work on POW, study for science benchmark
12/8- work on POW, read for 20 minutes, study for science benchmark
12/9- write your spelling words in ABC order, finish Bloom's ball, read for 20 minutes

This week's events:
12/9- Science Benchmark 1
12/10- School spelling bee at 8:30, come cheer Christopher on!

Science fair update:
- All students should have turned in their topic and their hypothesis.
- Research is due Monday, 12/6 if you haven't turned it in yet.
- Begin working on your list of materials, procedures