Monday, January 30, 2012

Final Week in January

Hello families,

My apologies for the absent blog postings these past two weeks. I'm back and ready to tackle the week! Are you?

The homework packets have been working out wonderfully! Why didn't I think of these sooner? I hope you are finding that they are helping your student out in more positive ways than the journals were.

The spelling books are improving from the first week back from break. Remember, on most weeks, the spelling book pages average around 50 points towards your child's spelling grade. It is highly recommended that before your child turns in their book, you take a moment to look through their pages for completion as well as correct spellings.

Conferences are right around the corner. I am finishing up hearing back from other teachers trying to coordinate family times. I will send the final schedule out in an email this week.

I hope you all have an amazing last week in January. Can you believe it was 80 degrees today?

For the week...
1. Homework packets due Friday.
2. Spelling books (pgs. 44,45,46) due Friday.
3. Return any conference slips not yet returned.

Spelling words for the week:
1. island
2. design
3. calm
4. column
5. sword
6. half
7. yolk
8. walked
9. talk
10. chalk
11. wrinkled
12. wrong
13. autumn
14. solemn
15. aisle
16. foreign
17. lightening
18. benign
19. glistened
20. resign