Monday, February 6, 2012

Parent Teacher Conference Week 2/6-2/10

Happy Monday everyone!

Congratulations to all you Giants fans! It was a great game to watch, what a close one. Please remember that this week is parent teacher conferences. I look forward to meeting with each of you. Your student should have a small orange slip of paper confirming your time. Please remember, if you did not sign up for a time, I assigned you a time based on availability. I will make every effort to stay on schedule so please be at your conference on time. Thank you for helping make these two days go smoothly for all.

This week's homework packet went home today. Have your child explain to you about their POW. Euler paths and circuits were never taught to me growing up and I bet that you might not remember them either. This is a great way to check your child's understanding of our math standard this week.

Here are the spelling words for this week (pgs. 47-49):
1. basketball
2. seventy-five
3. rock band
4. everybody
5. fireplace
6. anything
7. takeoff
8. skateboard
9. homework
10. two-thirds
11. high school
12. railroad
13. motorcycle
14. vice president
15. strawberry
16. freeway
17. car pool
18. comic strip
19. fine arts
20. forty-two