Sunday, August 15, 2010

August 16th-20th Happenings

Greetings fabulous 5th grade!

As we enter our 5th week of school, I am pleased with the overall "flow" of our days and camaraderie. I can tell that this year will be a great year of learning. Below you will find the information for this week. Remember that homework is completed in your composition book and although I might not check it every day, you are expected to complete your homework nightly and have it ready to show me the next day. Check out our newest writing assignment this week, a current event! I hope you all have a great week.

- Wednesday, August 18th is a half day with dismissal at 11:30am.
- The PTSA drive is under way and currently our class has 0 members! Let's all join and make a difference for our students this year. Please email me if you need the sign-up form.

Spelling words:
1. parts 2. history 3. warning 4. declare 5. despair 6. shirt 7. learning 8. backward 9. border 10. prepared 11. harsh 12. research 13. carnival 14. particular 15. squirrel 16. harmful 17. charms 18. disorder 19. favored 20. remark

Two frogs are hopping in the same direction toward the pond. There are 18 lily pads. One frog jumps 3 lily pads at a time, the other frog jumps 2 lily pads at a time. If the frogs leave the bank one after the other, how many times did the frogs jump on the same lily pad? Which pads were they (the first, seventh, twelfth, etc..) *** Hint, try using the LCM of 2 and 3****

Monday: Work on POW, Reading Log 20 minutes, set weekly goal, spelling 3x each in cursive.
Tuesday: Work on POW, Explain in 2 sentences or more the difference between a prime and a composite number, Reading log 20 minutes, spelling menu choices (must have a total of 4 points for the week)
Wednesday: Work on POW, Label 5/30/17/106/91 as either prime or composite. Current event and work on spelling menu choices
Thursday: Finish POW, reflect on weekly goal, reading log 20 minutes, finish spelling menu choices.
Friday: reading log 20 minutes