Monday, August 30, 2010

August 30th-September 4th

Monday- 3x each in cursive, read for 20 minutes, work on P.O.W. and set weekly goal
Tuesday- Backward ABC order, read for 20 minutes, work on P.O.W. and write a paragraph explaining how to choose the appropriate graph for given data.
Wednesday- Spelling sentences, read for 20 minutes, work on P.O.W, create a graph worksheet
Thursday- Review spelling words, read for 20 minutes, finish P.O.W. reflect on weekly goal
Friday- None

You and your friend go trick or treating around your neighborhood. When you get home, you both trip and accidentally spill both of your candy bags into one pile. You decide to count the candy and together you have 100 pieces. There were 28 snickers bars, 10 pieces of gum, 22 chocolate bars, 12 lollipops, 15 twix and 13 peanut butter cups. Create a graph to compare the types of candy you got. Name the type of graph you used, and explain why you choose that one. Then describe the steps you took to create that graph. What alternative graph could you use? Describe why this graph would also be appropriate.

Spelling words:
1. treasure 2. capture 3. feature 4. pleasure 5. measure 6. creature 7. picture 8. adventure 9. mixture 10. structure 11. pasture 12. culture 13. literature 14. furniture 15. temperature 16. legislature 17. immature 18. leisure 19. premature 20. signature