Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Gearing Up for the 2012-2013 School Year

Supply List for Incoming Students 2012-2013

Below is a list of items your student will be using this school year.  Those under the heading “personal use” are supplies that belong specifically to your child.  They will remain in your child’s plastic box and kept in their desk.  Items under the heading “class use” are optional supplies that you may wish to contribute to our class.  These items are shared by all students during group projects and special tasks.  All personal use supplies need to be brought in by the first day if possible.  All class use supplies may be purchased and brought in at any time.

Personal Use Items:
*Colored Pencils (8-12 count is fine)
*Washable markers (thin are preferred, 8-12 count is fine)
*Scissors (1 pair)
Plastic pencil storage container (all starred items go in the pencil box for first day)
*4 Highlighters (put one in the box, leave 3 at home to replace when needed)
*4 dry erase markers (put one in the box, leave 3 at home to replace when needed)
*Eraser (white or pink is fine)
*1 glue stick
1 set of 5 dividers to use in 3-ring binder (Cottonwood provides the binder)
1 composition book

Class Use Items:
Baby wipes
Disinfecting wipes
Snacks (goldfish, pretzels, dried fruit, fruit snacks, cheerios)
Bottles of glue
Any craft supplies (glitter, foam pieces, stickers, yarn, buttons, etc...)
Magazines (to cut apart, please send in appropriate material)

Note: Due to Cottonwood no longer offering 6th grade, I currently do not need lined paper or white computer paper as well as pens and pencils.  I am also not asking for a lot of composition books at this time.  I do understand that these are on sale at the beginning of the year.  If you wish to purchase these items now, feel free to do so but keep them at home until I notify you that we are running low.  Thank you for understanding!