Sunday, August 21, 2011

August 22nd-26th, 6th Week of School

Hello and happy Sunday. Don't forget to bring back your signed progress report on Monday. This week is a regular week with no early dismissals or extra activities. The student council assembly and election will take place on Friday afternoon.

Math Homework Problems:
Students will receive a worksheet on Monday with four graphs for the week. These graphs will be used to create questions for this week's math objective.

No Problem of the Week for homework this week. We will work on one in class this week.

Spelling Words:
1. pretty
2. service
3. thunder
4. blanket
5. effort
6. fellow
7. subject
8. perhaps
9. attack
10. entire
11. chimney
12. tunnel
13. effect
14. suspended
15. challenge
16. pretzel
17. survive
18. pillow
19. hunger
20. college

Reading Vocabulary "Little by Little"
1. Polio- a disease that led to sickness or death
2. decipher- to figure out, analyze
3. astonished- amazed, shocked
4. immobility- not able to move
5. dismay- saddened, gloom
6. despised- scorned, hated

Homework Schedule
Monday- Graph worksheet, Reading log, Spelling 3x each, work on Current event
Tuesday- Graph worksheet, Reading log, Spelling menu choice, work on Current event
Wednesday- Graph worksheet, Reading log, Spelling sentences, work on Current event
Thursday- Graph worksheet, Reading log, study spelling words, work on Current event
Friday- Author's position test, spelling test, graphing test, "Little by Little" test, current event due!