Saturday, August 27, 2011

End of August/Beginning of September

Good evening everyone!

Can you believe that August is already ending? Once again, time is escaping from me. The students had a great time working on designing their own products in a Biztown lesson this week, meeting their reading buddies and participating in student council elections. It sure was a good week.

Below is the curriculum information for this coming week. Remember that this Wednesday is another half day with dismissal at 11:30. 1st Benchmark tests for this year are right around the corner and we will begin our review focus this week. Please continue to email me with questions, praises or concerns. I'm always happy to hear from you.

* No reading vocabulary this week (we will be reading various non-fiction magazine articles)

Weekly Homework:
Monday- 5 math problems, spelling 3x each, reading log
Tuesday- 5 math problems, spelling menu, reading log
Wednesday- 5 math problems, spelling sentences, reading log
Thursday- 5 math problems, study spelling, reading log
Friday- POW due, spelling test

Spelling Words (a list of previously tested words as well as commonly misspelled words)
1. there (location)
2. their (possessive)
3. they're (contraction)
4. friend
5. does
6. where
7. were
8. your
9. you're
10. together
11. favorite
12. ready
13. should
14. different
15. which
16. would
17. quiet
18. who's (contraction)
19. whose (possessive)
20. a lot

Problem of the Week (done for homework this week)
You and your friend go trick-or-treating around your neighborhood. When you get home, you both trip and accidently spill both of your candy bags into one pile. You decide to count the candy and together you had 100 pieces. There were 28 Snickers Bars, 10 pieces of Gum, 22 chocolate bars, 12 lollipops, 15 Twix bars and 13 peanut butter cups.

Create a graph to compare the types of candy you got. Name the type of graph you used and explain why you chose that one. Then describe the steps you took to create your graph.
What alternative graph could you use to display the information? Describe why this graph would also be appropriate.

Math Homework (done nightly in composition book)
1. 87 x 45,876
2. 34,765 / 15
3. 2,765 x 56
4. 76,342 / 25
5. 9,564 x 54
6. List all factors of the 14
7. List all factors of 24
8. List all factors of 80
9. List all factors of 50
10. List first 6 multiples of 75
11. List first 6 multiples of 28
12. List first 6 multiples of 42
13. Label prime or composite = 59
14. Label prime or composite = 21
15. Label prime or composite = 37
16. Label prime or composite = 41
17. Label prime or composite = 51
18. Label prime or composite = 61
19. Label prime or composite = 28
20. Label prime or composite = 101