Sunday, August 14, 2011

5th Week of School! August 15th-19th

Hello! Don't forget this Wednesday is an early release day. School is dismissed at 11:35. Please be sure to arrange alternate transportation for your child if necessary. Have a good week!

This week's homework:
Monday- Reading log, spelling 3x each, math problems 1-5, work on POW.
Tuesday- Reading log, spelling menu, math problems 6-10, work on POW.
Wednesday- Reading log, spelling sentences, math problems 11-15, work on POW.
Thursday- Reading log, study spelling words, math graphs given in class, work on POW.

This week's math homework problems:
1. 4,764 x 87
2. 45,876/7
3. LCM of 12 and 24
4. LCM of 6 and 8
5. GCF of 16 and 24
6. GCF of 30 and 45
7. 29- Prime or Composite
8. 32- Prime or Composite
9. 51- Prime or Composite
10. 67- Prime or Composite
11-20) Please refer to the instructions on the graphs given to you in class on Wednesday.

This week's POW:
Miss Patti went shopping at Toys ‘R Us for water balloons for the students at Cottonwood. She purchased 34 packages of water balloons and each package had 72 balloons. Miss Patti is giving the balloons to her 24 students. How many balloons will each student receive? Will there be any left overs for Miss Patti to have herself?

This week's spelling words:
1. remove
2. interview
3. repeat
4. interrupt
5. respect
6. interfere
7. represent
8. relocate
9. international
10. review
11. interpret
12. interstate
13. remarkable
14. intermediate
15. intersection
16. recommend
17. interject
18. intervene
19. resource
20. remained

This week's reading vocabulary from "Satchmo's Blues."
1) pawnshop- a store where goods are sold
2) produce (n)- fruits and vegetables (v)- to make or generate
3) errands - an activity needing to be done
4) numerous- many, a lot
5) international- across many nations
6) gravelly- deep, harsh-like sound